Australia, 1 Waiting
USA, 3 Stolen/Missing, 1 Waiting
Germany, 3 Back, 1 Stolen/Missing
Austria, 1 Waiting
Mexico, 1 Waiting
Uruguay, 1 Waiting
Chile, 1 Waiting
China, (Recommended against)
Japan, 1 Waiting
Spain, 1 Back, 1 Waiting
Turkey, 1 Back
Portugal, 2 Back, 1 Waiting
Canada, 2 Back
India, 1 Waiting
Holland, 1 Waiting
UK, 9 Back, 7 Stolen/Missing
Brazil, 1 Waiting
Kazakhstan, 1 Waiting
France, 1 Waiting
Czech, 1 Back

Urban Snappers have now been sent to over 20 countries! Results from each city are coming soon!

Do you want to help represent your city and its public spaces? We are looking for people enthusiastic to take part in the Urban Snapper experiment and to document city life in their urban environment. If you are interested, or would like to find out more information about the project, please contact us:

An overview map and analysis of the 24 hour Suburban Snapper workshop made in Oxford with students.

Images from the Suburban Snapper workshop made with the first year architecture students of Oxford Brookes University. Many thanks to the 14 teams, the 7 tutors and suburban residents of Warneford for making this mini experiment possible! Results to follow in the nexts days..

The Urban Snapper project is going postal! We want to document activity in more public spaces and we need your help! If you would like to be part of the project and place a Urban Snapper in your city, we would love to here from you! For more information and to get your hands on an action pack, send us an email at!

All photos are taken by passers by, each using the Urban Snapper to capture whatever they wish in their public space.

After one day placed on London’s busy South Bank, the Urban Snapper recorded zero interactions.

The Missing Project is underway.

Winter time in Berlin, but people keep snapping! This was the second experiement with the Urban Snapper in the city and another successful run.

Last weekend we trialed the new Urban Snapper prototype in Madrid with great success. The local residents interacted a lot with the device and used the entire film within a few hours.

A new and improved Urban Snapper is on its way.

A step by step guide to making your own Urban Snapper device.

With no response for ideas, we decided to put the cabin up for sale hoping to understand how people value the space.


Following the vandalism of the I Box, the next idea was title “You are Here!” Red paint was used to draw attention to the cabin, where inside people could draw their ideas for its future uses.



The I Box was the beginning of an investigation into the potential of the Cabin. The inside walls were painted with chalkboard paint to allow people to write messages and draw pictures inside. The outside was activated with the throwing of paint bombs, covering the white facade with splashes of colour.


Placed in the small Cambridgeshire village of Southoe in the summer of 2002, the “cabin” as known by locals has been through a lot. After 7 years, it had been graffitied, set alight, its windows and doors smashed and subsequently taken away, been used as a drugs den, rubbish tip and public toilet.


Here is the guide to making your own Street Games Project!

Postbox label // Post Box 1 (Part 1) // Post Box 1 (Part 2) // Post Box 2 (Part 1) // Post Box 2 (Part 2) // Poster Board A3 (Part 1) // Poster Board A3 (Part 2)

These are the Cut Sheets for the Street Games project, giving the templates to assemble your own poster board and post pox.

(Remember to print in A3 to get the correct dimensions!)

Urban Toy Chest are launching our second public intervention manual with the Street Games project! Here are the first 4 posters for you to download.

Dot-Dot poster // Maze Poster // Naughts & Crosses

Here is the guide to making your very own Colour in City Project!

These are the Cut Sheets that accompany the Colour in City project, giving the templates to build your own poster and pen holder.

(Remember to print in A3 to get the correct dimensions!)

Colour in City Label and Holder Block

Colour in City Pen Holder

For everybody who doesn’t have an A0 printer in their bedroom, we broke down the poster into A4 chunks so you can print your own Colour in City at home!

// Page 1 // Page 2 // Page 3 // Page 4 // Page 5 // Page 6 // Page 7 // Page 8 // Page 9 // Page 10 // Page 11 // Page 12 // Page 13 // Page 14 // Page 15 // Page 16 //.

This is the full size A0 pdf for the Colour in City Poster. Simply click on the link and Save As to get a copy!

Still working on the Colour in City poster, hoping it will be ready in about a weeks time! The idea will be print the poster at A0 size and put it up on the street along with some crayons for people to colour in as they want. Still lots to do though, missing all the people!!

Work is still underway on the official Urban Toy Chest website, so for now the power of the blog is being harnessed to bring you up-to-date with the project developments as they happen!